The Feminists Are Here

It may well be that Danish women as we think we are doing well and are equal with men, but it’s only because we do not know better. We are too stupid and too little aware of society’s invisible power structures to see what feminists see.

Before Christmas wrote no fewer than 42 feminists in a feature article in this newspaper Berlingske (20 December 2014). The bar entitled ‘Danish setback for equality, “and when there are so many people to validate a point of view, there must be something about it?


Well, the Chronicle was certainly a setback for logical thinking, and although we are only two, we will try to answer the accusations about how bad signers think it’s being a woman in Denmark.

The signatories believe in short, the Danes are in a “puddle of misogyny ‘, that is misogyny. In a long, breathless patter we are told that Denmark is a developing field of equality that we only have abroad to look up to and that Danish women are generally treated as second-class people. We sexchikaneres and underpaid from morning to evening, and the many feminists also criticize that the government would neither prohibit prostitution or control over adults who are adult enough to have children, but according to the signatories not authoritative enough to even find out who care for them when.

Injustice runs like a fire throughout the indictment, and the signatories conclude that it was an extreme position to promote gender equality.

Here we must unfortunately disappoint the injured. It is absolutely completely safe to promote gender equality in Denmark. No one is denying that men and women are entitled to equal rights. No one will limit gender equality in Denmark, if one ignores the women who do not want equality in the Constitution’s military service.

Danish women work, earn their own money and are not financially dependent on living with a man. Danish women are not subject to social control. We are free to choose our profession, and men and women are of course equal before the law. We can live in open and closed conditions we can get married or not, we can get the kids alone or with a man or a woman, without us being looked down upon because of it.

As men, we choose for themselves how we will live. That is equality.

So when the signatories can claim that there is equality in Denmark, it is simply because they are talking about something else entirely.

In the old feminist days meant equality of women and men who worked side by side on the assembly line, had the right to the same tariff. At that time meant equality simply equal rights, but as rights has become commonplace, more and more feminists kidnapped concept and taken it hostage to their agenda.

It is a classic mission-creep: What began as a limited mission, end up expanding to other areas.

For the signatories, equality means clearly not equal rights. This means special rights.

At the same time puts the signatories equate equality and equality of outcome – that is, they believe that the first is equality when men and women make exactly the same choices: Select the same education, the same job earns the same, hold the same length of maternity leave and the whole taken live one’s life.

And so we must give them the right. We feel this is an extreme position.

Extreme and based on a distorted perception of reality. This applies for example in relation to the issue of equal pay. It’s the best kept secret in the gender equality debate that we basically have equal pay in Denmark, and many feminists are doing what they can to cover it up. Reference is often women receive about 20 percent less pay, when you put all Danish women’s salaries together and compared with all Danish men.Feminists says, however, that women work less than men.

The so-called unexplained pay gap in Denmark is only 2:00 to 6:00 percent. It ruled SFI report ‘Men’s and women’s pay’ from 2004, when it was established that women would earn as much as their men if they worked full time instead of part-time, took on management responsibility and sought work in private instead for the public.  Coolest meninist shirt and hoodie.